Noise, Police and Sirens
Sunday 24 March 2013 - 07:36:07
The war between the Town Hall of Mojácar and the bars continues. The ayuntamiento wants to change our habits by banning both DJ music (not because it's bad, you understand, but because it's noisy!) and live acts without a difficult and laborious paper chase (Spain: lub dat paperwork!). The bar owners and beach-bar owners are indignant, the residents are probably slightly relieved. The Second Front is about the hours. The ayuntamiento wants to close bars at the early hour of 2.00am and 3.00am on the weekends (several clubs stay open until much later). The bar owners claim that this destroys jobs (or income, rather). The residents think that 3.00am is more than late enough anyway.
The one place the ayuntamiento, the bar owners and the residents agree is about the botellón. Either because the kids are driving away genteel tourism, or because they aren't spending enough money in the bars, or because they leave the place a mess.
Still, Mojácar has a reputation, thanks to the inept promotion and, of course, our late hours!
Here's a note from a DJ on Facebook, who was raided in a bar last night for being noisy: 'One day the reign of folly and corruption that is settled in Mojácar will end, and we will remove the grim scourge of ineptitude and evil that is destroying this wonderful town. That day I hope is not very far away, by the truth, we are bloody well fed up'. (Google translation, with a little help)

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