The Campaign For a Noisy Summer (Boum Boum)
Tuesday 26 March 2013 - 06:54:10
Mojácar started out as a residential town. Now, unlike Bédar or Turre, residential towns which have no beach and no hotels, tourism has become an important part of Mojácar's life, with the high season (everything clogged up) and the low season (everything closed).
But the core value of Mojácar remains its residents, here all year long... putting money into the economy all year long. Tending, painting, repairing and beautifying their bit of Mojácar all year long.
So now we are asked to worry about a handful of bar owners who want - of course - more caja. So they have a campaign about the summer music and the drinking hours. We get suckered in - the economy, the jobs; the tourists might go somewhere else!
Many of these good people who so stridently ask for all-nighters aren't even here during the winter, to help keep our town afloat.
It’s not the loudness of the music that is the problem, but the hours. Keep it quiet late at night! This is a residential town, not Butlins.

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