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This site started in September 2002


The Entertainer Online continues The Entertainer name, the name of a  weekly newspaper started by me in 1985 which ran without interruption  throughout southern Spain until 1999 when a three year option to buy was  taken by staffers. They never concluded the deal, or paid me, but  changed the name when the option expired in April 2002 instead. Que vamos a hacer.

I'm now adding back stories to Lenox Napier here (the other name was registered) 


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The Entertainer Online

The Entertainer Online

To e-mail me - write to lenoxnapier@gmail.com

The story of The Entertainer Online - the bit I'm allowed to recall legally, of course – is at Spanish Shilling here. I have enjoyed writing the blog over the years - I've had a lot of free time (and no money) since the newspaper abruptly ended. Maybe half a million words...   I would rather have had the half a million euros, of course...

 It's easier and perhaps more germane to post at Lenox Napier, so I'm giving up on The Entertainer Online (after fifteen years). 

The old webpage crashed and burned  back in December (probably too many Russian hackers fiddling with it). Fifteen years of rubbish lost. I'm writing a lot about Spain, mainly on the two blogs above, as well as a weekly newsletter called Business over Tapas (also on Facebook).


Business over Tapas (subscription news site). Business over Tapas is a weekly news service for subscribers. Useful news about Spain for property owners and investors, with no fluff and no adverts. 

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