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Tuna eat the Sardines Whole
Tuesday 04 August 2015 - 02:07:57
There are apparently not enough sardines to go around, says Almería's fishermen. This is because of the 'voracious appetite' of those pesky tunas. So, they have quite properly asked the European Fishing Authority to increase the quota for catching the Red Tuna. Story at La Voz de Almería.
How can you help? Each time you order tuna at the restaurant, you are doing your bit to help save hundreds of sardines.

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Holidays for the Party Leaders
Saturday 01 August 2015 - 00:33:51
The President of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, will be enjoying his hols between Doñana and his home in Pontevedra. The leader of the PSOE Pedro Sánchez will be dividing his time between Lérida in the north and his apartment in Mojácar Pueblo. Details here.

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Mojácar: Business of the Day
Friday 31 July 2015 - 07:38:43
The fact that only four people - me, Oskar and two others - showed up in the Public Gallery yesterday to attend the first Ordinary Plenary Session in the new Mojácar legislature, slightly shows the pulse of the public interest in what our Leaders are planning. That fellow from Facebook who couldn't sit still during the whole election process? Wasn't there. The chap who posted all those cruel comments - no sign of him either. Those enthusiastic candidates who were tragically short a few votes on polling day? Nary a sight of them!
Anyhow, as the business of the day continued, we learned that the plan to demolish the Plaza Nueva and to build a new Town Hall where the police station, post office and the condemned catering school currently reside, will begin in September next year, to be completed by Easter 2017. The plans are yet to be made available for public scrutiny...

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Airport Figures Down
Wednesday 29 July 2015 - 00:48:11
So, how is local tourism this year? Apparently, faltering a bit. Almería Airport says that June passenger numbers were down by 15% on 2014's figures, at 74,768 customers. Flights were down by almost 10%.

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An Immortal Likeness
Tuesday 28 July 2015 - 12:19:05
A nice retrato - usually a portrait in oil - of a departed politician can cost a fortune, witness the latest display of (ex-president of the Congreso de los Diputados) José Bono's likeness, in the National Parliament, at a cost to the tax-payer of 82,600€.
Mojácar has managed to be more austere in its honoring of past mayors - indeed you will be unable to even find a polaroid of any of them on display in the ayuntamiento. Do the later incumbents know something of their predecessors which might preclude such honours...?

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The Leader, an Appropriate Name on Google Alert
Monday 27 July 2015 - 12:26:38
As part of my research on a weekly subscription news service I write, I check a few different 'Google Alerts' for key words. Useful to see what is being written about this or that... For some reason, though, the service can be fooled into producing a whole load of useless 'stuffing' and no one does this better than a local English-language newspaper called The Leader. See today's offering by Google Alerts for 'Spanish Property'.

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The Leader Newspaper Online

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Españoles and Españolas
Thursday 23 July 2015 - 09:09:38
The Spanish use the masculine form when referring to a collective, thus 'chicos' can mean either just boys, or boys n girls both. Just girls alone would be 'chicas'. Got it? 'Ciudadanos', 'amigos', 'hermanos'. This system has worked for centuries and means no disrespect to the Gentler Sex. The nearest equivalent might be the American 'you guys' which doesn't specify the gender of the addressees. Then came the arrival of the loquacious Brothers and Sisters of the Revolution in modern Spain, where cumbersome phrases like 'hermanos y hermanas' and 'compañeros y compañeras' etc began to spice the bombast of the preachy left, and now suddenly 'éramos pocos y parió la abuela' - for want of a better translation, things have taken a decided turn for the worse.
Over in a town in Asturias, in a gesture towards one can only assume the corrupt male vision of the dominated female, the councilors for Somos Corvera have taken to only using the feminine of any collective word they happen to use. So Girls, what do you think of that?
I'm going to hazard a wild guess here and imagine that they don't like bullfights either...

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A Simple Pleasure in a Simple Bar.
Tuesday 21 July 2015 - 03:44:44
Bars and restaurants are opening up around Mojácar practically daily. Fancy places which would grace New York, most of them. I had a gin and tonic the other night with dry ice inside the glass, making an intriguing frothy plume of something vaguely sinister pour out of the drink like a fumata bianca. I am not too keen on carefree boozing when my lip is only centimetres away from something that would turn it instantly to glass on contact. Another gimmick in some of our new chichi places is to have thirty or more gins on display, each one with a different G&T recipe (my own secret mixture, by the way, is: ice, gin... and tonic. Lemon if you feel daring). Designer gins. What ever happened to Spain's 1960s 'Green Fish'? ...and how about Gin Rollins, the savvy people who invented the un-refillable bottle?
Anyhow, last night, at the other end of the village from the bouncy castle (they had erected one in the square to attract local trade), I found Carlos - who works in the Opposition along with Jessica Simpson - has opened a bar. The prices at the 'Bar Pública', tapas and beers, are all reasonable as you might expect from this admirer of Che Guevara and, safe to say, there are no bits of cucumber, aniseed or cherries in the G&T.

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Bad Rep for Plastic Farming
Wednesday 15 July 2015 - 13:01:33
There's a series, a police thriller, being filmed in and around El Ejido called 'Mar de Plástico'. Rather unsurprisingly, some of the actors have begun to pontificate about the conditions of the workers in the plastic farms which cover 30,000 hectares on the south-western part of the province. Several local newspapers are saying 'well, it's one thing when the foreign press accuses us of slavery, but now we are getting this shit from our own side, and frankly, no one wants to talk about the sweat of thousands of Almerians who have converted the desert into the orchard of Europe'. See here.
I've often thought that the ecologists are oddly silent about the damage to the environment, but I like my quality fruit and veg at a cheap price too. Perhaps one claim of the benefits of the invernaderos is a bit hard to swallow, and that's the one that says the plastic is actually helping fight Global Warming by reflecting the sun's heat back into space (see 'Nova Ciencia' here). We should cover the entire planet in plastic perhaps...

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The Running of the Bulls
Monday 13 July 2015 - 10:01:43
Tomorrow, Tuesday, is the last 'running of the bulls' in Pamplona, and (unless I have to tiptoe in to edit this post later), few people were hurt during the week by being run-over, trampled or gored. This is a shame for those who hope to benefit by going 'pshaw' or 'tut' or (and I quote) 'serves them right', when the chances of a percance, an accident, are far below one per cent. Indeed, probably around zero zero one per cent. In all, a bit like driving too fast up the motorway.
And why do young men do this? Are they particularly keen on bullfighting? No, they like the thrill. Is the running of the bulls a terrible thing in itself? It doesn't harm the bulls (we'll talk about the bullfight later) and it must be good for the Pamplona cash-registers.
We could always ban it and have a knitting competition instead, but answer me this: would people come?

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